A narrative-driven, choice-based RPG

with open-world exploration, card-based battles and deck-building

Join a cursed dragon slayer descendant on a perilous journey.

Brave treacherous landscapes & battle fierce creatures as you gather powerful artifacts, the shattered pieces of the Elder Stone.

Outsmart shadowy enemies, restore the Great Equilibrium, lift the curse that has haunted your bloodline for generations.

With thousands of possible paths, will you triumph against all odds?

Discover the Secrets of Aldunia

What Will You Choose?

Explore a rich and vibrant world filled with lore, quirky NPC, fantastic beasts and catastrophic events.

From the Oracle, Keeper of the revered Elder Stone Order, to the Divine dragon Drakontias, the realm of Aldunia is teeming with stories and secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Epic Battles Await

Will You Rise to the Challenge?

Engage in thrilling card-based combats as you battle deadly creatures, terrifying foes and powerful enemies.

Build your deck with powerful cards and ancient skills. Will you survive long enough to break your curse before it's too late?


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